New Nissan 370Z packs quite a punch

The first Z car launched by Nissan came onto the road four decades ago and the car manufacturer has recently released their latest update of this vehicle.

The original car was rather dainty, but this latest vehicle has such an enormous amount of power that it feels almost like a rocket.

The new car is called the 370Z and it is over 30 kilograms lighter than the previous version. The original car was unusual looking and in many ways quite pleasing but this latest version looks to be a little more boring, at least aesthetically.

The headlights are something that are interesting, but quite bizarre. There seems to be a race going on in the motoring world to create headlights that are novel and more modern looking. This is something that appears to have been taken to the extreme with this car and the headlights seem to creep up the bonnet further than ever before.

This stretching up the bonnet creates a strange appearance that looks as if the headlights have been pushed back because the car has been travelling at such high speeds. The interior of the car is rather unusual looking, and the vehicle that comes with the leather interior looks as if the colour has been chosen from an Indian takeaway. When combined with the brushed metal look it delivers a rather unusual look that does, in a strange way, seem to work.

The instrument panel is good-looking and has a nice combination of digital and analogue dials. Unfortunately, there is no way to adjust the position of the steering wheel but the seat can be adjusted to make up for this. The seat does have electrical adjustments, but they are tricky to use and it would be worthwhile getting used to them before you attempt to move them on the road.

The seat is one of the things that people will notice in the car as being rather badly designed. For a person of average size, the seat back is going to feel just a bit too small. It’s not as if it’s dreadfully uncomfortable, but it is certainly noticeable.

The car has a great amount of power with a V6, 3.7 litre engine which is capable of delivering over 325 brake horsepower. This is the first car in Nissan’s Z series that has an automatic transmission, however, it is possible to purchase a manual version as well. The power of the car means that it can reach 60 miles an hour in just over five seconds and has a top speed of over 150.

There is no question that the car is noisy. The engine seems impressively loud but it is just a bit too aggressive. It is possible that after you drive the car for a while this will begin to quieten, but at first the amount of vibration and sound is going to be unpleasant, especially if you drive the car with a lot of revs.

The suspension is a bit harsh and the movements of the car are sometimes jerky. The car does cruise well, but if you are travelling at very high speeds then you will feel the car moves from side to side too much and requires too much driver control.

The car is what most people would describe as being rather blunt. It is powerful but is not particularly refined. What it does deliver is an enormous amount of power for a relatively small amount of money.