Nissan LEAF finally arrives in the UK

Auto Trader was on hand for the first delivery of UK’s first Nissan LEAF EV cars. The World’s first mass produced affordable family EV for sale is how the Nissan LEAF is being advertised.

The LEAF is a significant step in the right direction for sustainable motoring and has won the 2011 European Car of the Year Award.

Richard Todd an engineer and a true EV fanatic for the past 10 years after having owned a THINK city has described the LEAF’s driving experience as Superb. Smooth Radio DJ Mark Goodier another first custodian said the vehicle could not have come soon enough and is much better than any other EV on sale.
The two cars at Glyn Hopkin Nissan in Waltham Abbey are similarly ‘speced’ and sparkle with the metallic black luster under the agencies showroom lights. The new zero emissions vehicle has be allocated to 26 dealerships with the Hertfordshire based dealer being one of them and already is outfitted with three EV charging stations in their car park for customers.
The Nissan LEAF can be returned to 80% charge capacity with only a 30 minute showroom quick charge and there are several UK programmes that are going to install over 9,000 charge points before 2013.
Built in Japan the Nissan LEAF will have its battery production start next year for Europe in its Sunderland plant, an award winning plant, in late 2013.

Nissan wants to produce what they are calling a global critical mass that amounts to 500,000 units to help make the LEAF pricing more competitive since the new Ford Focus is priced at just £16,000 with the LEAF being significantly higher at £30,000 not including a government rebate.