Nissan top of the pops in Driver Power survey

In the 2011 Driver Power survey Nissan has received top marks. Over 23,000 owners of all makes and models completed the survey that ask motorists, in ten different categories, to rate their cars in categories like braking, build quality and ride quality.

Nissan, through the results of the survey have been voted the most improved manufacturer and the named Nissan Qashqai a class leading position in the carrier class for people. The Qashqai finished fifth in the Top 100 models. The Nissan Note leaped 27 places to finish within the Top 100 models to 32nd position.

Nissan jumped 14 places in the Driver Top Manufacturer chart ending in 11th spot overall. They ended ahead of notables like Toyota and Honda. The Qashqai has been a great success for the manufacturer with more than 900,000 produced at the Sunderland plant.

Auto Express’ Team expects that Nissan will be enjoying their accolades with champagne corked popping at their Sunderland plant, which is UK’s largest car builder and it made the biggest improvement of all the different manufacturers in the 2011 Driver Power. Many of those in the automotive industry have been affected in some way in the global economic repercussions of the massive earthquake that hit Japan in March. For example, on the smaller scale, many car mechanics have paid higher prices for used car parts sourced from other countries and second-hand buyers are watching the market closely, checking up-to-date car news from MyHammer. After the problems arising from the earthquake in Japan ceasing production in the UK Nissan factory earlier this month, good news is a welcome boost for the company. Managing director of Nissan Motors Great Britain said they were over the moon in achieving the great result they did.