Nissan’s Leaf is Car of the Year

The Car of the Year, Nissan’s Leaf is not only the first electric car to ever win this distinction, but also one of the cars with the most zeros on its score sheet.  Apparently, there were sufficient judges who ranked it well enough for it to overcome the Alfa Romeo Giulietta by nine points.

In fact the only car in this year’s voting to receive more zeros than the Leaf was the Dacia Duster, which finished dead last.  Hardly ever is there as much disparity in voting as this, with zeros denoting the car as irrelevant in the competition.  It seems odd for a car with multiple zero scorings to win, as Car of the Year is generally an overall popularity contest.

The zeros mean that a particular number of the judges did not like the car that eventually became Car of the Year at all.  This is hard to imagine, as there is usually some unanimous regard to be found for the winner, with the actual winner simply being the one popular car scoring the most points.  However, in this year’s contest, the eventual winner was not even considered pertinent by some judges.

The biggest complaint among the judges scoring zeros was, however, valid.  The Leaf can only go 60 miles before a recharge is necessary and thus, it becomes impractical as anything more than a drive around town sort of vehicle.  For this very reason a number of judges did not score it at all.

Others scored it high because of its innovation and less than impressive competition, they said.