Nissan’s Micra makeover unlikely to win it any new fans

Nissan has given the Micra a complete makeover and added in some new gadgets hoping to dress the car up but it likely is not going to be enough in order to help attract customers towards the Japanese supermini vehicle.

The new Micra will officially go on sale September of this year with a sticker price of £9,900 to £12,900 based on extras. It is aimed to compete with the Ford Fiesta, VW Up, and the SEAT Mii. In its favour is a supercharged engine, high air bag count, and high efficiency but working against it are hard interior plastics and the fact that the overall ride is quite bumpy. Limited space in the rear seat also makes it impractical as a family car.

From the outside, the first thing that car enthusiasts will notice is that the Micra has a new front and rear end that is complimented by a new front bumper and grill. Also new are the bonnet, taillights, headlights, front wings, and fog lights.

Under the bonnet is a three cylinder engine that at entry level offers 80hp 1.2 petrol or the supercharged option that offers 98hp in a 1.2 litre DIG-S variant. The heavier muscle allows it to perform better and to get around town a bit more but this also causes higher revs and forces drivers to utilize the gearbox on a more frequent basis.

The downside is that most drivers may pass on the additional power because the vehicle does not offer a smooth ride at all. Riders will feel almost every bump while riding along in the Micra and any rough cobble or split tarmac is likely to rattle them a bit. The steering at least is tight which should help make it a great city car where tight turns and quick responses are welcome.