‘One Careful Owner’ is a new motoring travel book

“Every time the revs climbed, the noise from the Ferrari’s engine would smash the Alpine tranquillity; a screaming red dart flying across the landscape. By now the engine was hot and the brakes were squealing and slightly faded from numerous high-speed stops, one prepared each time we approached a corner and prepared to fling ourselves off towards the next. The speed and noise were addictive but the roads themselves would take no prisoners. Too much exuberance would be foolish up here.”


One Careful Owner is a book written by Alex Christou and follows her left his job working for an oil company in order to drive across Europe in his dream car. The book is not just about supercars however, and he also enjoys travelling in cars that are not so exciting, and it also tells the story of his friendships he has formed along the way as well as the different places he has explored. This book is part a story of his travels, and part a story about a year and his life.

The book takes readers through the experience of driving the Nürburgring in Germany; taking on the Lotus Champion competition in Norfolk; buying and running a 90s Italian supercar; visiting the Pagani factory in Italy; taking part in a classic car rally in Scotland; and attending the Monaco Grand Prix. It also takes a detailed look at the experience of driving such cars as the Ferrari F355 Berlinetta; the Ferrari 575M; the Morgan 3 Wheeler; the Tesla Roadster; and the Aston Martin DB7 Vantage.

Alongside the experiential content, the book contains interviews with renowned car collector and Porsche fan Lord Mexborough; former racing driver, former world record holder and owner of Venturi Automobiles, Gildo Pastor; boss of the Morgan Motor Company, Charles Morgan; and producer of Long Way Down and Long Way Round, go-karting world record holder and organiser of the Orient Express Challenge, Russ Malkin.

“One Careful Owner” is on sale now and will have its official launch on Monday 16th July in central London. It is a book that is sure to appeal to car enthusiasts and fans of travel writing alike.


“One Careful Owner” is available to download as an eBook from all usual online retailers.

It is also available to buy in paperback format directly from www.sloanebooks.com/shop.