The perfect vehicle for large families with loads of luggage

If you have issues regarding travelling by land with five people plus huge pieces of luggage, then the 180 six-berth motor home Marquis Majestic vehicle is perfect for you. This behemoth uses a Peugeot Boxer 2.2 litre of diesel van that makes transporting people and luggage comfortable and convenient. It also has sheer size that looks intimidating for both the driver and passenger, however, in reality it is not, primarily because of the diesel engine that makes your journey stress free.

The vehicle can also surpass severe weather, storms, floods, and winds in Britain. Its gear will have a steady speed of 70mph and turned above 30mpg. Even when going up the hills of Cotswold will give you no worries because the vehicle’s sheer weight can handle the pressure.

Marquis Majestic vehicle’s another advantage is the rear window, which other motor homes don’t have. This spy mirror will help you find parking spaces available without difficulty. Surely, this motor home ride is a great find for it will give you and your family the full control while on the road.

According to a Marquis Motor homes sales representative Ed Stoop, the vehicle has two propane gas containers, which doesn’t freeze under cold weather. This makes it perfect for camping and road trips even during winters. The gas is also well utilised because it makes the car warm even when parked, but at the same time, it heats the water to be used for taking shower. Moreover, the gas provides fuel for you and your family’s cooking needs while travelling.

Apart from its superb engineering, the vehicle features comfortable beds and seats, refrigerator, and cooker, which somehow makes it an extension of your home. This vehicle is a great investment because it promises endurance combined with comfort, which are not provided by most of the existing motor homes in the market.