Peugeot 208 XY review

Earlier in the year Peugeot helped to recreate the supermini car by launching their new 208 model, but now they are taking the new model a bit further to help embellish its compact, elegant style by adding in a few new features and calling it the Peugeot 208 XY. It will come in six different colors including purple and silver and is essentially the luxury model of the 208.

The body of the XY will have chromed details, small touches of the purple showing up in the logo of Peugeot, and wheel caps. Also in bright chrome will be the rear skirt bead, mirror casings, and the fog lamp trims. Glossy black will run down the centre pillar and quarter panel trim to help accentuate the image.

The new light signature will no doubt stand out to those who take a closer look at the XY as the halogen headlamps are encased following the most modern light guide. The lamps have a rectangular structure inside of them that it utilizes LED lighting to offer directional lighting. Inside of the main beam is also a floating trim that looks somewhat like a pupil and almost make it seem as if the lights have an iris on the vehicle.

The passenger compartment of the car also has some great components including vents, touchscreen side decorations, steering wheel inset, a dashboard decoration, front and rear door crossbars, seat belts, and a nice aluminum footrest and pedal bracket that offer a great contrast. The seats inside of the car are trimmed in a mixture of Alcantara and clothe and the mats that line the floor are lined with bronze cord that has purple overstitching on it.

Overall the passenger compartment is ergonomic and wide enough to offer comfort to the driver and passenger even if it is a minicar. Plus, as a bonus a jack socket and USB are just a finger’s touch away and Bluetooth is built into the car.

On the outside of the car the eye immediately travels to the multi-spoke 17” diamond-Anthra Mercure wheels that have their very own alloy wheel cap complete with the same purple edging. Towards the back of the car you can see the XY signature carefully written into the tailgate of the car with very dynamic and attractive graphics. Those that want to personalize the car even more may want to take advantage of roof decals, and as a bonus anyone that does is offered the promise of ‘exclusivity’ by Peugoet.

If this is not enough you can also choose to personalize the car with your own special trims with the choice of Nappa leather in a bronze or black. Other choices include the black Nappa leather against the Alcantara padding to help offer an even more individual finish.

The purple stitching that helps the inside of the car to stand out also plays a large role in the cohesive design of the exterior of the car as everything is also tied together with chrome on the outside of the car. When you toss in the metallic bronze of the dashboard to shine against the exterior chrome you end up with a very attractive bronze-black decoration that will immediately invite people to take a second look back at the vehicle.