Peugeot 3008 Hybrid 4

A couple of years ago the idea of creating a hybrid diesel passenger car was nothing more than an idea, but now the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid 4 is ready to hit the market and surprisingly it is only priced at £26,995.

The hybrid is the very first diesel passenger car to hit the market and up until now the idea was as crazy as the idea of creating an engine using cold fusion. Hybrid vehicles make use of two engines on a regular basis which is what makes the cars so expensive because you are paying for both.

However, the turbodiesel engine is even more expensive because the emissions and injection equipment by themselves cost the same amount as just one petrol engine. Therefore, when you consider combining these pieces with a petrol engine there is hardly anything to gain.

What has also hurt the creation of such a vehicle is the fact that the hybrids have been created for countries like Japan and the USA where diesel is not used frequently to power cars and is instead reserved mostly for trucks.

Times are quickly evolving and they say that necessity is the mother of all creation. Higher fuel costs when combined with the tighter fuel economy in Europe mean that more people are starting to take a look at hybrids. Given the fact that diesel account for almost half of all the fuel sales in Europe, diesel hybrids are being taken very seriously.

Volvo plans to launch a plug-in diesel hybrid by the start of 2013 and Peugeot is working hard on investing in the diesel/electric hybrid using the 3008 as the first example of what the company will have to offer the market once the Peugeot 508 range hits the market.

According to Peugeot, using diesel over petrol in a hybrid will help save about 30% on average in fuel economy will offering additional benefits as well. The engine is an ordinary 161bhp, turbodiesel four cylinder and two litre that is able to move the vehicle via a six-speed manual gearbox that is robotised.

From here an 8kW generator driven by a belt moves the nickel-metal battery helping to feed the AAC electric motor that then proceeds to move the back wheels. Therefore, the Hybrid4 SUV ends up getting its four wheel drive effects for basically free without the use of any propeller shafts, transfer boxes, or any other energy source.

This is not all; because outside of its great four wheel capabilities the vehicle does offer all-weather gear which is something worth considering when you think about how early the snow started this year.

Fleet managers are likely going to love how much more of a tax benefit they are going to get because of the lowered carbon dioxide emissions and with a total combined fuel consumption of 74.3mpg this should help save on fuel costs all around. Plus. The 200bhp horsepower should make most drivers pretty satisfied while behind the wheel.

Of course, while this all sounds great it does come at a cost because the price of the hybrid is still much more than just a straight diesel vehicle coming in at almost £27,000. When you compare this to the 3008 diesel only model that is priced at £19,000 you are paying a bit more for the CO2 reduction.

The Hybrid of course offers better performance, but also comes with a weight penalty once the vehicle reaches 200kg which is about the weight you would expect from filling up the rear seat of the car.