Peugeot 308 set for 2014 launch

The new hatchback from Peugeot also known as 308 will be hitting the English market starting January next year. This is a mid-size vehicle, which does not have things like a variable steering rate, a sport button, adaptive dampers and no complicated engine maps.

The aim of this car is just to transport you from one point to the next quietly and comfortably plus it uses fuel efficiently. One can simply liken this vehicle to those that were used in France some years back. For a model that has a tank capacity of 1.2 litres the price is £1450, which is a decent price for a base model.

The vehicle’s flanks are similar to that of a Golf as its rear is a triangular pillar. The glasshouse is tall while the sheet metal is understated. The rear is somehow Japanese but then there are lamps that are C shaped and this is Peugeot’s trademark.

The front is a bonnet that is undulated and a chrome grill. The design is not only conservative but also clean and tidy as it really tries not to offend the buyer. With this kind of design, one knows that it is a sacrifice made on behalf of the 208.

One can see that Peugeot is taking safe strides in order to attract middle class customers. The pairing of the cockpit and the exterior is similar and the buttons that are old school are not available. There are no knobs apart from those warning you on hazards and the parking brake that is electronic.

Everything else in this car is controlled via a touchscreen that is intuitive and attractive for those who prefer a level two trim. The cabin is fabulous, clean and has materials that are durable which give it a look of class.

The design of the cabin together with it being meshed in a precise manner makes it look exactly like a Golf. The single admission of quirkiness by Peugeot is the reappearance of a steering wheel the size of a button.

This one is actually found under the binnacle that is highly mounted. This has been made available to aid the driver in being focused on the road. For some journalists during the launch it was agreed one can achieve a driving position that is low without the wheel obscuring the dials.