The Peugeot RCZ Sports Coupe just got even more powerful

Peugeot is hoping to improve on the exclusive appeal of its RCZ Sports Coupe by adding in more power behind the engine. Already known for being elegant, sleek, and sporty, the Coupe is now also much more powerful sporting an even strong sense of refinement and strength.

On the outside, Peugeot is clearly attempting to move ahead by extending its material combinations and mixing them with some exotic colour ranges. The interior and exteriors are both part of this design effort and customers are actually able to sit down and customize their own version of the car.

In terms of power, those who really want to ‘feel’ their car from behind the wheel should be able to do so when they sit in the RCZ and behind a 1.6 litre THP 260bhp engine. Referred to as the ‘CA Concept’ at this year’s Paris Motor Show, the engine also sports enhanced performance.

The face of the car is completely new and flows a lot better upholding the sporty image that Peugeot wants to convey. The aerodynamic front also helps to emphasize the power that comes out of the rear wings and the curve of the powerful roof. With a central air intake built into the vehicle and two brilliant satin chrome bars the entire car is a lesson in dignity and poise.

Finally, the grille offers a very unique light signature that is going to be recognized at all hours of the day or night. Six LEDs make up the lighting that is sculpted to resemble claws extending out onto the road hidden behind a smoky lens that carefully blends back into the glossy black of the surround. IN short, there is no way that the lighting could get much more signature or breathtaking.