Porsche go hybrid

At next months Geneva Motor Show it looks as if Porsche will recommit to hybrid technology, from a statement on February 11.

A parallel full hybrid model will be launched at the show that opens March 3 and runs to March 13, says the German luxury car maker.

The Cayenne S Hybrid has had good reviews in Europe and the US after being released at last year’s show and because of that the new hybrid model is being launched.

A hybrid version of the Panamera is expected to be releases even though no details were provided and the same technology that powers the Cayenne S Hybrid will be used.

A new SUV, Cajun, to join the Cayenne will be introduced but will not be available until 2014.

Porsche wants growth through its new products in order to complete with rivals like Ferrari in the sports car market and with BMW and Mercedes and Range Rover in the larger family cars.