Mainly positive reviews for the new Renault Captur

Renault’s new Captur (pronounced as if it had the ‘e’ on the end) has received some mixed reviews, but most of the reaction is positive, with the negatives pretty negligible. Maybe everyone isn’t crazy about the colour schemes (eight of them based around blue, orange or monochrome themes, and the blue and cream scheme is reminiscent to some of Italian police cars.) However, getting past the surface stuff, the Captur is a very drivable, comfortable and economical example of the ‘urban crossover’.

The company’s website describes a Captur as “a sporty crossover with a flowing and athletic body language. . .” and goes on to wax lyrical about its design strategy with words such as ‘sensuous’ and

‘muscular; one review mentions these traits as part of the Captur’s appeal to women.

This is not a rough tough hell-or-high-water type SUV; it’s not meant to climb rocky escarpments or highball through swamps, but it will take you most places you’d want to go in safety and comfort, which is saying quite a lot.

There are three choices in the engine department, all turbo-charged: the three cylinder .9-litre Tce and the four cylinder 1.2-litre TCe petrol engines and a four cylinder 1.5-litre dCi diesel. The first comes with a 5-speed manual transmission, the second with a 6-speed automatic and the diesel with a 5-speed in either automatic or manual.

Most observers seem to think the diesel will sell best in the UK, as it’s the newest version of a well known and trusted engine. The Captur diesel is also surprisingly quiet and its performance is impressive, with a well-engineered gearbox that provides a smoothly powerful feel.

Reviewers who have test-driven a Captur find it definitely worthy of notice and quite likely to outsell most of its competition. It has green credentials with 99g per kilometre of carbon emissions, and the diesel averages better than 76mpg. With a price range that starts at £12,495, Captur is set to win quite a few popularity contests when it hits dealer showrooms this summer.