Preparing for winter on the Roads

Winter is coming for motorists, this can mean many things. As the weather changes for the worse, there are a lot of dangers that we need to be looking out for on the road.

Additionally, there are a few things that can be done to be sufficiently prepared. Whether it’s using winter tyres or stocking up on anti-freeze, there are plenty of things that can be done to better protect your vehicle.

Ice Roads

One of the most dangerous aspects of winter is the ice that can build up on roads and make driving difficult. Ice, by its very nature, is slippery, ensuring that any vehicle passing over it will have a much looser grip than usual.

To this end, drivers need to be careful when they are on the road. High speeds and corners are more dangerous with the presence of ice; be careful if the temperature has dropped recently before driving. Furthermore, keep in mind that not all ice is visible, such as black ice. If it can’t be seen, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Winter Tyres

When driving in snow and ice, its already been mentioned that there is much less grip. This drastically alters the performance of any car, which can be dangerous. It is strongly advisable that you invest in winter tyres. These extra thick tyres are designed to get more grip within such winter environments, helping to restore the original control and performance of your vehicle.

Winter tyres, and winter wheels, come in a range of available models. Whatever your vehicle, you’ll likely find a matching or compatible set of wheels. This will allow you better grip and control when driving, which reduces the chances of sliding or losing control of the vehicle over snow and ice.

Cold Temperatures

Of course, the cold temperatures do more than just add layers of snow and ice on the roads. Ice can build up on the car itself. This can be a problem depending on where your car is parked over night. If it is exposed to the elements, it will likely be frozen by the morning.

Whilst boiling or hot water will help to thaw out this ice, allowing you to break off the remains with an ice scraper, this isn’t always a quick process. Yet it is important. Therefore, if you’re in a hurry, it’s advisable that you give yourself extra time each morning to do this.

Likewise, keep in mind that the internal components might also be frozen. This can cause various problems, especially with the cylinders and water pumps. This will usually cause noticeable issues, especially when trying to start the car. Because the ice is internal, it’s recommended that you stock up on anti-freeze in advance, as this is the best way to combat such freezing.

Finally, keep in mind that, despite the cold weather, your battery has a limited power supply. If you use your heaters and other functions constantly, you will quickly wear this power out. Careful use of these battery-consuming options will be much more advisable, as no one wants an unexpected dead battery.