New Range Double Cab set to hit the UK soon

People who are a fan of Ford cars are going to be pleased that the new Ranger Double Cab is going to be arriving in UK dealership soon. The car has recently been given a five-star safety rating by NCAP and this is largely because of a great deal of technological additions that have been made to the car which make it safer than ever.

Some of these features include hill descent control, trailer sway control, an electronic stability programme, frontal impact airbags as well as a side curtain.

The car starts from just over £15,000, excluding VAT, which will purchase you a 2.2 litre diesel version. The most expensive model in the range costs just over £25,000, excluding VAT, and this will buy you a 3.2 litre diesel automatic model. The specification of the car depends on which version you pay for and there are many things about it which can be customised. If you include VAT, the cheapest car can be picked up for just shy of £17,800.

Most of the variations of the car have four-wheel-drive as the standard option, but for those who go for the Super Cab or Regular versions of the car, they will be able to opt for a two wheel drive version. There are many different cab varieties but all other versions will come with four-wheel-drive.

The car currently comes with the option of having automatic, or manual gearboxes. Both of these work on six individual speeds and they are all turbo diesel. The type of engine you have will depend on the body options that you choose. However, it is possible to opt for either manual or automatic and this is a choice that can be had on all of the cars, no matter what specifications you choose.

It is expected that the 2.2 litre version of the car is going to be the most popular and this is retailing for just over £25,000 including VAT. The car is going to attract a road tax rate of over £200 a year, so potential buyers should bear this cost in mind.

The car has dampers which are going to improve durability and strengthen the vehicle and this is just one of the many features that the car has which makes it a good buy over its competitors. In general, the specifications of the car and what you get for your money, make it a better buy than many of the other options currently available on the market.

Of course, the most important factor is going to be the load area and this is the largest currently available for a car of its size. It is also capable of handling greater weight, and towing larger items than any other vehicle in its class.

The car is certainly powerful and when driving it you really feel as if it will be able to cope with almost all tasks. Despite this seemingly enormous power, the car is still relatively friendly to your wallet at the petrol pump. The six speed manual car will allow you to get around 28 mpg and for a vehicle of its kind the carbon dioxide emissions are relatively low.

The 2.2 litre version of the car is even more impressive when it comes to fuel efficiency and it is capable of getting around 31 mpg. The tax figure for this car is also the same as its larger companion. All of the cars offer a comfortable ride and the steering is generally very responsive. The handling of the car is also excellent, even when carrying a heavy load and all of this makes it a generally very impressive vehicle.