Range Rover Evoque

The new offering from Land Rover is quite possibly one of the most stylish cars that they have ever made and the Range Rover Evoque has already received a huge number of awards and great reviews. The car has proved very popular with almost all reviewers and this is something that Tata Motors, the Indian parent company, will be very pleased with.

The car was released a few months ago in the United States and it is known for having great fuel economy while remaining powerful and stylish. It faces competition in the market from other four-wheel-drive cars such as the BMW X3 and also vehicles by Audi.

One thing that is very different about the offering from Land Rover, when you compare it to those from Audi and BMW, is that it has a much more trendy appearance. It is also very customisable and has plenty of technological add-ins that young consumers will enjoy. The exterior of the car looks very similar to the LRX concept car that was developed by Land Rover three years ago.

It is a vehicle that is designed for an urban setting and is very compact and convenient for the city. The car is offered in two and five door versions and there are currently 12 different colours that you can choose it in. Inside you will also find a large number of distinct choices and various different trims that you can choose.

The image of the vehicle, both inside and out, is something that you will either love or hate but either way it is a very head turning car. As already mentioned, is very fuel-efficient and this is mostly because it is made of very lightweight materials. The roof panels of the car are made out of aluminium and many other parts of the car are made out of various composites and polymers, and all of this weight saving mean that this is the lightest Range Rover to have ever been produced.

The car has a two litre engine which helps with the fuel efficiency, and has 240 brake horsepower and four cylinders. The engine is essentially the same as the EcoBoost engine that can be found in a Ford, and this is no bad thing because this engine is known for being very fast without being greedy on the fuel.

This car is able to gets nearly 30 mpg when travelling on the motorway, and this figure reduces to around 20 mpg when driving in the city. As this is a Land Rover it does have generally better off-roading abilities when compared with other four-wheel-drive vehicles designed for luxury rather than practicality.

The car is capable of handling rocks on the road as well as deep potholes very well and the grip of the car is excellent due to its four-wheel-drive. For most drivers though this information is irrelevant as they are never going to take the vehicle off the road, but it is likely they will drive in winter and then the car performs very well.