The new Range Rover Evoque two in one

The new Range Rover, the Evoque, is trying to do two things at the same time. For one it is trying to bring a new sense of chic to the mini SUV class of cars and it is also trying to be a new breed of Range Rover. It is the first time that a car has been produced that is efficient on fuel and does not produce a huge amount of carbon dioxide emissions.

This is the first small car that Range Rover has produced. Some might argue that the Sport was a smaller car, but only by Range Rover standards – it was still pretty big. The Evoque is still a Range Rover so don’t first view it expecting it to be small, it is still a big car but it is definitely the smallest of any Range Rover.

There are three different engines which the car can come equipped with and there are manual and automatic transmissions available, in fact, if you use automatic you will get a much better 0-60mph time. The main problem is that the automatic transmission is slow to get going, you will find that from the time you press the pedal to the lurch forward it will take at least a second. This gives you the feeling that the car has much less power than the 190bhp that it has under the bonnet.

Some reviewers have said that the car is good off road but others have said that the ride quality when it is on tarmac is not good enough. The handling of the car has also been criticised and really makes you feel as if you are driving a large and cumbersome vehicle. There have also been some complaints that the noise inside the car is too loud. Most who drive it say that the diesel engine is not refined enough and people who choose the diesel version will know that they have done so when ever they drive the car.

That said, aesthetically the car is very pleasing, even the five door version has good looks. The coupé looks even better but sales of that version are not expected to be very high. The style does come at a cost though as those seated in the rear of the car are going to be a bit squashed in.

The design of the windows looks good but it does mean that visibility has been compromised. When you sit in the driver’s seat you can immediately notice that the windscreen pillar on the left hand side takes a chunk out of your road vision. The Range Rover Evoque is a car that has more style than it does substance. There is no doubt that there will be a market for it however, as people are very willing to pay to be associated with the Range Rover brand.