Renault can keep the name Zoe

Automaker Renault will be able to keep Zoe as the name for its new electric car.  This was determined in court when a French judge decided that naming the automobile Zoe would not cause a threat to the dignity of French girls named Zoe.

A suit alleging just such a thing was brought against Renault by attorney David Koubbi on behalf of girls named Zoe who, he says, are upset about the car’s name and already suffering ridicule because of it. Zoe ranks about number 11 in most popular girls names in France.

The attorney apparently has two clients who are named Zoe Renault and he asked the court to imagine how upsetting it would be for them to hear things like “People were killed by a Zoe Renault” or “Zoe Renault broke down today.”

Apparently, the judge was less than moved by the proposition that this would be harmful to the girls’ dignity. Renault says that the car is not named after a person at all, but that the “Z” and “E” in the name are an indication for zero emissions. Renault and Nissan are jointly investing more than 4 billion Euros for the building of electric cars like the new Zoe.