Renault Twizy UK

Part of the fun that comes with buying a new car is clicking the list for the ‘extras’ if you can afford them, but when you discover that the extras include a waterproof blanket, doors, and a luggage bag you start to get an idea that this car is meant for adventure.

You also might want to take a minute to review hand signals because it turns out that you may need them to operate the Renault Twizy which is a zero-emission car and one heck of a modern electric vehicle with a French twist.

Renault is working on creating electric vehicles right now having already opened up the market with a small van and a conventional Fluence car. They also are working on another hatchback and the moment. It is clear from one look though that the Twizy is geared towards younger drivers, especially those who like the idea of taking a bit of an adventure every time they get out in the car.

About 250 of the models have been sold thus far in the UK with another toned down model to hit the market for 16 year olds in 2013. The car itself is a mix between a motorcycle and a car, and could almost be called a quadcycle with a passenger cabin that both the driver and passenger can ride in and four small wheels that fit around the sides.

The car comes in Colour, Urban, and Technic trim levels and upsweeping doors can also be included on the car for another £545, a clip on bag is £95, and the passenger blanket rounds out the vehicle package at £110.

All and all, you do not end up getting all that much for your money, but you will get the perk of knowing that the car is going to be cheap to run given the fact that you do not have to worry about high gas bills.

With a conventional three-pin plug on the car and a dedicated circuit it only takes a few hours to get up to a full charge which means that for about one pound you can run the vehicle for about 60 miles. With the rising costs of gas prices you would be hard priced to find a cheaper way to travel.

In addition, the car starts on a button and has a handbrake that you use to release it into the starting position. Toss in the fact that you toss a pedal to go and before long you may feel more as if you are in a dodgem car than a real vehicle. This is perhaps the reason that it is marketed towards younger drivers, because a lot of adults probably will not have the patience to drive this clown car of sorts, but cash strapped university kids will love it.

Near the front of the console is a multi-function display that shows the driver their speed while driving, remaining distance left to the battery charge, and overall power flow which should help the driver decide if they need to stop to refuel soon or not.

The waterproof plastic on the driver’s seat will also slide back and forth making it possible to protect your seat if you choose not to add the doors onto the package although the passenger is going to have to take their luck if the driver leaves out this extra!