A review of BMW XD3 (2014)

The XD3 model’s tastic look has not failed to clearly define class. First, it may be critical to understand the evolution of the Alpina XD3 over the years. Surprisingly, this is the first time they have managed to sell a toned, tuned version of one of the successful BMW’s ‘X’ SUV models.

What makes the XD3 car a better option? Luxury vehicles consumers would like to look at a number factors. But what exactly makes a car pass the performance and quality standards test. Is it the attention it may draw from the well made body? Here are a few points that one may find interesting.

Speed is no doubt a major definition of a good car. The BMW XD3 is tailored for the clientele looking for the fastest diesel SUV. It cuts right at the heart of the market niche for rich and always on the run people. Talk of the Brian Simpkins of this world.

The king of the BMW fettlers, Alpina, contends that quality but volume is the question. Therefore performance matters more to the manufacturers than anything else. The X3 was designed to be a full bore performance car.

It is an extraordinarily fast car. Right from the car’s 35d’s twin-turbo straight six, the manufacturer has added 37bhp (that makes it 350). The car also boasts of 50lb ft toque for 516. This car’s mid-range delivery borderline is unmatched.

With a second struck off the 62mph, one could reach the horizon in 4.9 seconds. You will easily hit 158mph if you continue driving. The enlarged ducts coupled with huge intercoolers greatly improve the airflow via the turbo which enhances performance as well.

The car tweakers have been designed to work well with the car auto box and the also to keep up with the 516lb ft. It can support higher change up joints and faster shifts.


The XD3 is certainly not the best of Alpina or X3. However, it still stands out as having extraordinary performance.