Review of the Mercedes S63 AMG

The all new S-class variant S63 AMG is finally here. This 577hp car has been proclaimed by Mercedes as the best auto in the world. However, only time will tell if S63 AMG has the enough fire power to beat the likes of Jaguar XJR, Audi S8, and Porsche Panamera Trubo. This is our first review of the car based upon a test ride of S63 AMG.

The new car sports the same V8 5.5litre twin turbo engine that was there in its predecessor. However, this new car produces outputs of 664lb feet and 577bhp which is 74lb and 41bhp more than the earlier S63 AMG. For many people, this is not a lot of power as even the smaller Mercedes called E63 produces 577bhp power. Talking about competition, 567bhp power is produced by M5. But S63 produces 84lb feet more than the smaller Mercedes and much more than BMW’s saloon.

If you are conscious about fuel consumption, you may be disappointed as it gives only a slightly higher mileage than its predecessor which is not even noticeable. But those in charge feel that a 4% increase in mileage over the earlier S63 is quite impressive.

If you are desirous of a 4 wheeled drive version, you will be disappointed as it is not available in UK at present. You will be happy with the 2 wheeled drive version of the car though, as it lets you get the desired power, when and where you need it. However, if you are one of those power hungry customers, you will have to wait till year end when the company introduces an all new S65 AMG fitted with a V8 engine.

In conclusion, it can be said that this car gives S-class feeling more than the AMG. It may not be as sporty as a Jaguar or an Audi but it certainly higher capabilities.