A review of the Nissan QashQai Crossover

The unveiling of the Nissan QashQai was an immediate sensation among clients who value style more than anything else.  The surging demand upon its release into the market made the car a bestseller in the Britain’s auto industry. Its success immediately ticked other rival manufacturers to produce similar competing models. Therefore, competition is at sky high buoyed by both the supply and the demand side.

Many drivers will contend that driving the small SUVs may not be that fun. The QashQai however seeks to restore confidence in such small cars. The ability of the car to easily control its movements pretty well through sharp bends and the ease of steering up its weights makes it a good invention.

The ability of the QashQai to finely incorporate these features without compromising on the comfort makes it a must have.  Its ability to smoothen out a ride on a patched up road is a definite plus for the car besides giving a beautiful damp over bumps.

The cheapest engine option for this car model is the 1.2L turbocharged petrol engine which clearly makes it good for urban driving. However, on pretty fast and busy highways one has to do much more to keep up which does not affect its quietness and the smooth ride when revved up.

Other engine options for the QashQai are the 1.5L and the 1.6L diesel engines. Consumers torn between performance and affordability would get a good deal with the 1.5L capacity engine. Besides being pretty well refined compared to the other engine cars, the car will be much strong at revs of more than 1500rpm. The 1.6 liter engine might be more expensive but has more power which is good for a large family with loads of luggage. However, it can be noisier than the 1.5L counterpart.


With many manufacturers trying to walk in the QashQai footsteps, it is proving to be a difficult act to put together.  The combination of speed and quietness and value continues to beat other new cars. Though it stills remains expensive compared to its rivals, its effectiveness makes it stand out as the best of its kind.