Our first ride in the Jaguar F-Type

The anticipation that has surrounded the Jaguar F-Type has done so for more than a year now. The only people to drive it so far are those that work for Jaguar – but what have they said about it?

Character and control

The car boasts extreme character, immense body control and almost inhuman acceleration. The drive is said to be an experience in itself, the car hugs every corner encountered on an open road, yet still appears firm at city speeds. As the car is able to pick up acceleration, the outer body flows benevolently over even the most uneven of surfaces. This has something to do with the newly designed tyres, which are able to stick firmly to the tarmac beneath.

As gears are shifted, all the much-loved noises of a sports car are put into play, from the bellowing and cackling to the whistling and popping.

The car I’m talking about today is in its final prototype stages. There are about three months to go before the Jaguar F-Type is finally released, which means the engineers are rapidly working to get all the finishing touches complete.

The F-Type is very different to its predecessor and the XK. It also boasts an extremely different strategy to that of the famous Porsche. The XK may be suave in style, the smaller F-Type is however a far more sturdy device.


In regards to the appearance of this much-anticipated vehicle, its front section is sharply drawn, whilst its tail end showcases a scythe-style boot-lid. The handles have been placed in a flush position, running streamline with the rest of the vehicle and the cabin sits low to give that extra sporty feel.

The F-Type also comes complete with a performance style seat, which hugs the driver’s shoulders. This protects the driver from any sudden movements.

There are two versions set to hit the market, the V6S and the V8. The V6 boasts 380bhp and a supercharged 3-litre engine. This allows the driver to reach 0-62mph in just 4.9 seconds. The V8 offers even more power with 495bhp and a speed of 62mph in just 4.3 seconds.

The new reigns of Jaguars are more extroverted in style; charged to the brim, engaging and hard-core. However, if such a vehicle is but a distance dream, investing in a used car may be more up your street.

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