Robbie Williams is the one we want to help out in a winter emergency

If you had a winter emergency, which celebrity would you like to come to help you? This was the question that people were asked who responded to a poll carried out by Duck Tape, and the winner was Robbie Williams. It was close at the top, however, as Robbie only just pinched it from David Beckham, with Take That front man and X Factor judge Gary Barlow completing the top three.

Carol Vorderman, Kirstie Allsopp and Lord Alan Sugar also fared well in the poll, but the unenviable bottom positions were filled by Adrian Chiles, Eamonn Holmes and the star of CNN Piers Morgan. The poll’s results have been revealed to tie in with the current cold snap that is spreading across the country, and it is likely that there will be 61 emergency situations this winter caused by the weather.

The results of the survey carried out by Duck Tape have been released ahead of the bad weather that’s forecast to hit the country in the next few days. The study of 3,000 Brits shows many people will have problems with their cars over the coming months as they struggle to open car doors, find it hard defrosting windscreens and bump car wing mirrors.

While a fifth of people have had to claim on their insurance in past winters to cope with problems with the house or car. Worryingly, the average person will break down at least once this winter, have two near-misses with other cars on the road, and bump their motor into another vehicle, wall or post once.

A spokesman for Duck Tape, which conducted the research said: “This survey shows that winter can be hazardous for British people, and it is tempting to batten down the hatches altogether. “Driving in freezing conditions can be really scary and motorists need to make sure they are well prepared for all journeys. But the weather doesn’t just affect the car, as homes can suffer too with broken fences, guttering, boilers and windows.”

Other problems motorists face include having to abandon the car altogether forgetting the de-icer and breaking a windscreen wiper. When it comes to the house, the average homeowner will have to contend with one lot of boiler problems, one garden fence blowing down and two instances of leak to roofs or windows. The Duck Tape spokesman continues: “As the bad weather hits the country in the next few days, statistics show we’re likely to encounter some unwelcome emergency situations.

Duck Tape’s first-aid kit on a roll is great for helping out in literally 1000’s of emergency situations making it an essential item to stick in your glove box or kitchen drawer to deal with any urgent temporary repairs or fixes around the house or garden, or while you’re out on the road.”

Two thirds of people polled reckon the unpredictability of British weather is why they tend to suffer more mishaps during the winter, and 54 per cent say it is harder to manage a fast paced lifestyle when it’s so hard getting from A to B.