Sales of Steel Seal ‘Blow’ all targets

Sales for Instant Head Gasket Fix Increase by 49% in Just 12 Months.

“Good things come in tiny packages,” as the adage goes, but it cannot be truer in regards to Steel Seal.

Steel Seal is very powerful even in a tiny package, packing a powerful punch in its size that’s small enough to fit in the glove compartment or a box, ready to provide instant fixes when a head gasket is blown or other small leaks that need to be sealed, eliminating the need for costly repair bills or roadside recoveries.

Motorists can consider this as a most welcome relief from the ever increasing fuel costs, road taxes, and car repair expenses. With Steel Seal, a car owner will worry less about the exponentially increasing costs of keeping a car in top shape.

Available both online ( and from over 1500 stockists across the UK including good motor factors and stores, the product is literally flying off the shelves and showing growth levels of a staggering 49% in just the past 12 months alone.  Like for like sales in January 2013 compared with the same period in 2012 have virtually doubled.  However stockist GROUPAUTO broke all records with a staggering 249% rise in sales.

A must for all drivers, Steel Seal permanently seals blown head gaskets, warped heads and cracked engine blocks.  It is robust and can withstand high temperatures and high pressures creating a permanent seal allowing the driver to continue their journey.  Comparable products on the market rely on fillers to do the repair work, however as pressures in the engine rise and fall the particles lodged in the cracks get loose and the driver is left with the original problem.

Totally versatile Steel Seal is suitable for both petrol and diesel engines; steel and aluminium and isn’t just limited to cars. It can work on any vehicle with a water cooling system ranging from vans to bikes, boats – even tractors and agricultural machinery.

Simple to use Steel Seal is poured into the radiator of a cold engine. When the engine is started and reaches its operating temperature the mixture is drawn into the damaged areas by the extra heat which then seals the cracks with an innovative thermo-chemical bonding process. Once the bonding process is complete the chemicals become inert, so there is no reaction when other products are added to the cooler system.

A bottle of Steel Seal sells for just £39.99 (SRP), which is a small price to pay in exchange of facing a bill which can average £1,500 and what’s more Steel Seal even offers a money back guarantee!

Indeed the product has been so successful, the company which shares the same name as its award winning product is planning a series of further product launches over the course of the next year.