Scottish MP aims to ban smoking in cars where children are present

Jim Hume, the Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP for South Scotland, announced his intention to launch a consultation on a proposal, on Tuesday 28th May, to ban smoking in vehicles carrying children, through a Member’s Bill.

According to Hume, a number of charities, including British Heat Foundation and Children in Scotland, have already thrown their weight behind the publishing of the bill. The proposal will come at a time when the ban on tobacco displaying comes into force. It will be illegal for retailers to display tobacco products overtly.

According to Hume, the next step in controlling the use of tobacco is to stop adults from smoking in vehicles where children are present. Hume went on to say that passive smoking can be stopped and private vehicles are still some of the places where children may be exposed to the tobacco smoke.

Hume announced his allegiance to the efforts by the British Heart Foundation, ASH Scotland, Children in Scotland, and British Lung Foundation, in their campaign to have the law changed and hopes that others will join in the campaign too.

Hume says that the children future and present health is exposed to risk, whenever they are trapped in a private vehicle filled with tobacco smoke, and this should be put to an end, to give the children a healthy start in life.