Sesto Elemento, the new Lamborghini dream car

Lamborghini finally officially unveiled its new Sesto Elemento, a concept car of futuristic design and materials.  The new sports car can reach speeds of 185 MPH, with low gas emissions.  It can also do 0-62 MPH in about 2.5 seconds.

It achieves these statistics because of its amazingly low weight.  Even with 4-wheel drive and a V-10 engine, it has a remarkably low kerbweight of 990kg.  This is because of the technological breakthrough of plastics reinforced with carbon fibre.

Lamboghini has pioneered this breakthrough at its own universities and now demonstrates the durability and lightweight of its newly developed material in the Sesto Elemento.

The reinforced plastics are used in all possible components from centre structure, suspension, bodywork, and even the wheels. The car has a futuristic, edgy, sort of jet fighter appearance