Speeding fines heavily criticised by top lawyer

The government have recently announced a proposal that is going to add a victim surcharge to motoring offences. A transport layer has come forward to criticise the government’s move by saying that increasing the finds motorists are paying for speeding offences is a bad move.

The victim surcharge scheme is going to be radically changed under the proposition after £50 million have been cut from its funding by the government. The government want to make up for the lack in funding by increasing the amount motorists are paying when they are caught speeding. The plans have been put forward by Ken Clarke, the Justice Secretary.

The solicitor, Lucy Wood is from the transport law firm Rothera Dowson which is located in Nottingham. She has stated that the propositions in their current state are not fair and the rise of speeding fines from £60 to £100 is too much in and for the proposals to go ahead the government need to put much more consideration into it.

She commented, “It seems strange that if a person is convicted of minor speeding offence they are going to have to pay towards victim compensation when they ultimately caused no injury. What is most unusual is that someone who has caused a death by driving dangerously will face the same increase in fines. The system needs to be more complex than this and take into account how guilty the person committing the offence is and how serious the nature of their crime is.”

Ms Wood continued, “There needs to be a sort of sliding scale introduced which is simple and easy to understand. This will mean that no money is wasted on deciding how much each offence has to pay towards fixing compensation.” More information visit www.rotheradowson.co.uk or www.keepmeontheroad.co.uk.