Sponsored Video: The rise and rise of the Nissan small car

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Japanese car manufacturers Nissan have a long standing presence in the UK and have proved time and time again to be one of the most trusted brands to take onto the British roads. They have produced a wide range of cars over the years which UK motorists have taken to their hearts. Not only do they produce great cars they are also very competitively priced, making them even more desirable.

One thing is particular Nissan have done, and which has kept them at the very forefront of a highly competitive market is to move with the times, as well as having an uncanny knack of tapping into future trends before other manufacturers and thus becoming the benchmark that all others aspire to.

Nowhere is this more prominent than in the area of small cars. These are very much the models in vogue at the minute as motorists look to downsize from the gas guzzlers to smaller, more practical cars that are also great for inner city driving. With a range that boasts the ever popular Micra, the Note and the Juke, there is a Nissan small car to meet the needs of every motorist who wants a car which is small but oh so perfectly formed.

There is a brilliant video that can be viewed online that which highlights the beauty, style and versatility of the Nissan small car range. As we are told on the opening scene, this is innovation that excites. The scene is set in a huge empty space akin to an aircraft hangar. It is lit by overhead lights and the only sound is a pulsing, electric beat. A door opens light floods in and the Nissan small cars enter the arena like 3 well-honed gladiators.

They park in a V formation then change colour before your eyes, illustrating the options they are available in. We are given an up close and personal look at their sleek lines, dashboards, lights, is fact all the elements that go to making the Note, the Micra and the Juke such leaders in their field.

Each car is unique but they have one thing in common; Nissan technology and innovation. As suddenly as the show started it ends, with the arena plunging into darkness. The cars have finished their performance, and like any artiste, they have left their audience gasping for more. By purchasing one of these wonderful cars you can enjoy your own private encore, time and time again.