The new, sporty Volvo V40R announced at Paris

Volvo launched the V40 R-Design at the Paris motor show in 2012, showing off the new car in a stunning blue colour. The colour is very good, and it really added a dynamic look to the range of Volvos, offering a truly stylish option for people who were interested in it.

As well as being very stylish, it was clear that the car was driver focused. It provided a very agile driving experience, and the performance was impressive, generating over 250 horsepower. The senior vice president of vehicle management of Volvo, Lex Kerssemakers, has recently commented, “We have designed this car with performance in mind, and we wanted it to be a car that appeals to people who have a passion about driving. Not only this, but the car has a great attention to detail, and it offers a very precise driving experience.”

The car certainly has a very unique design featuring a high gloss grille, and is very framed. The front bumper is dramatically profiled, and as you would expect from Volvo, the lights remain on all the time. The car has a very sporty feel to it which is enhanced even further by looking the rear of the car, where you will find twin exhaust tailpipes. The wheels are also very impressive, and the car comes with 17 inch alloys as standard. These can be upgraded to 18 inches if you should feel the need.

The interior of the car is also very sporty, and you will find that the upholstery has a great deal of detail to it, and the sporty steering wheel is certainly appealing. There are all sorts of various enhancements that can be added to the car, although the price list for these has not been released yet. It is expected that later this month, the price of the vehicle is going to be announced.