Spring Check gets motorists out of a hole!

Although winter is slowly fading away the ‘Big Freeze’ of this past season has left its mark in a very obvious way the mammoth potholes that now line the streets.  Although a hundred million pounds has been pledged towards repairing the UK’s roads, there are a few things that you can do to help protect your vehicle.

For one thing it helps to be an observant driver that pays attention to roads that may be a bit more jumbled.  Checking your car for salt build up is also important so that it does not start to corrode the exterior of the car resulting in long term body damage.  Suspension, wheels, tyres, struts, and shocks also could have been harmed during the season and should be checked out for any damage.

Is it really necessary?

A simple ‘Spring Check’ can help avoid a host of problems and a potentially hefty repair bill. Hitting a pothole can ruin tyres and damage wheels. Windscreen washers will have been used extensively over the winter. Visibility remains crucial at all times of the year, so topping up your windscreen washer is essential. Leaving salt build up unattended can result in corroding bodywork, which is both unsightly and dangerous. The best option is to clean cars thoroughly with a high-pressure washer (except on engine and electronics) to protect against salt corrosion.

So what else can I do?
Find your nearest Good Garage Scheme member garage offering a Spring Check by visiting www.goodgaragescheme.com. The essential checklist includes:-

• The condition and levels of summer coolant.
• Engine oil.
• Brakes and tyres.
• Windscreens.
• Wipers and lights.

Phil Dugmore, Technical Manager for the Good Garage Scheme, said: “The ‘big freeze’ could well have had an adverse effect on vital car components. The Good Garage Scheme Spring Check will enable our membership to give motorists expert advice on the condition of their vehicles and rectify any problems.”

With spring on the horizon, the Good Garage Scheme also recommends that motorists check out their air conditioning systems, especially if they have been inactive for a couple of months. It has been proven that harmful mould and bacteria can grow in the ducts while the system remains unused over many months. Drivers can be blissfully unaware of the dangers it can pose when switched back on.

So what do I do now?
Simply logon to www.goodgaragescheme.com and type in your postcode to find your nearest Good Garage Scheme member garage. A self-regulatory body for independent workshops and MOT centres, the Scheme ensures the best industry standards are maintained by its members. It has over 3,000 members who adhere to a strict Code of Conduct and offer an Industry Standard Service.

And – because of the increasing use of the internet on mobile phones – the Good Garage Scheme recently launched a new initiative which is proving a godsend for drivers breaking down in remote locations, or an area outside their home town – a free iPhone app.

• Further information can be found by visiting www.goodgaragescheme.com