A look at the new Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback has some very nice features including standard-fit gunmetal alloys, a restyled nose and a clearer cabin instrumentation. However, this is not just all the Outback has got. Subaru has a new diesel powered model that has an automatic gearbox that creates a 2.0D SX lineartronic model, which is expected to attract a significant portion of the British buyers. People came in to see the unveiling of the new Subaru model that is specially made for the UK market.

Subaru stands out from the crowd of many other cars because of its unique niche. The new model is the only car model that combines a continuously variable transmission (CVT) with a horizontally opposed diesel Boxer engine.

In simple terms, it is an Outback 2.0D SE that has the CTV as an additional feature. All this comes at a premium of 31,495 – a £1424. Unlike its more efficient counterpart that loses 44.8mpg and 166g/km of CO2, this car loses 3mpg and 11g/km of carbon dioxide.

How is the diesel boxer engine?

It is hard to distinguish between the diesel boxer and the other 2.0 litre diesels that are offered by other manufacturers like Audi and Vauxhall. Its engines has up to 2500rpm, which is the optimum level. You wouldn’t even need to increase this beyond 1800-2400rpm, thanks to the 258lb ft that is available for you to use.

The CVT, which many people are not proud of isn’t similar to Toyota’s CVT that makes people whine about their transmission. The engine tends to rev over 500rpm more than the average rate someone would expect when driving around town. However, its toque is the best. The new model is fairly fuel efficient.

This car has excellently fitted plastic shift paddles on its steering wheel for enabling drivers to change gears in a ‘stepped’ manner when changing from CVT though you may hardly use these. The car is not meant to be used in sporting events.

It however comes with permanent all wheel drive, high side-walled tyres for all season use and ground clearance of about 200mm. The Boxer engine, unlike its predecessors has been mounted lower in the car to lower its Centre of gravity than in a conventional in-line four.