The Suzuki Splash

The Suzuki Splash is a new car that is designed to be a mini MPV. The car has a very compact size of just less than 4 meters in length and 1.7 meters wide and clearly has been designed for the European market and looks a lot better than the Wagon R.

The car has been developed in partnership with Vauxhall and has been constructed in Hungary. The platform for the car is the Suzuki Swift which began sales in the UK three years ago. The car has undergone recent revisions which improve the engine meaning that it can go further on less fuel.

The car is upright and has five doors but unlike the Wagon R it has five seats rather than four. However, the car is very small and five adults would certainly be a cosy fit. With a car at such a small size people might be concerned about handling in poor conditions however, once you have driven the car you discover that it handles well and there is plenty of grip. The suspension has also been well tuned so that when the car corners there won’t be too much leaning.

All of this leads to the car being quite fun to drive and the small dimensions combined with a large windows of the car mean there is excellent visibility. Drivers will find it easy to squeeze through the smallest gaps in cities.

The engine in the car only comes in a petrol version, and there are two varieties available, a 1 litre or a 1.2 litre. The better of these develops just under 94 brake horsepower and both cars utilise a manual gearbox with five speeds. An automatic engine is available if you choose the bigger engine. The car is not fast but it is certainly economical, even if you are driving at higher speeds the car does not consume a lot of fuel.

The gearbox is unpleasant to use and it feels as if the changes are the opposite of slick. Even the gear stick itself is encased in an ugly rubber substance and gives the feeling that money has definitely been saved in the gear department.

Despite the cars small in size it feels rather large and the build quality is excellent, the plastic dashboard and other components as well as the stitching on the seats seems as if they are made to last. Comfort for occupants comes at a cost however as the size of the boot is limited and families will struggle to fit an entire weekly shop in it. However, the backseat can be dropped and this will greatly expand the boot space, you will even be up to fit a mountain bike in the back.

The Suzuki Splash is probably not the best car in its class and it does not excel in any particular area. People might be tempted to buy the car if it was retailing at a good price, however when you consider that it costs just shy of £9500 most people would probably rather go for something else.

A Ford Fiesta or a Volkswagen Polo will sell the same price so people would be hard pushed to buy the Suzuki over one of these. Try bargaining in the dealership and you may be able to get a better price as at £9500 it is simply too expensive.