Suzuki’s new car a carbon copy of the Nissan Qashqai

Suzuki, the giant automobile maker, has brazenly copied Nissan’s family hatchback and named it Suzuki SX4 S-Cross. The name may look clumsy but the fact remains that Suzuki is after the market that Nissan seems to have captured with its Qashqai.

Even Nissan had no idea that it would become their best selling car only by jacking it up a few inches from the ground. It is not just Suzuki but many other car makers that are eyeing a slice of the pie. We conducted a test ride of the top ranging model of SX4 called SZ5 to see if it really means class and comfort.

You have the option of buying an all wheeled drive or a front wheeled drive with SX4 but in both you get the same 4 cylinder 1.6 litre engine. You can choose between a petrol and a diesel version and even if you are not impressed by the looks, believe me that this car is a hidden gem. If you are not impressed by 3750rpm at 120bhp power, just take a look at 236lb of torque that the car is able to generate.

SX4 can do the job even in low gears if you push the paddle on its accelerator. It performs equally well when you need all the power in high gears. If you feel that 62.7mpg is a tall claim made by the company and the figure cannot be attained, try it yourself and you will marvel at the engineering of this car.

If you compare, Qashqai weighs 120kg more than SX4 but is able to generate 59lb feet less at 1750rpm. The first salvo is fired by Suzuki SX4. Though the shifting of gears is not as smooth as we would have expected, it is nevertheless satisfactory. Overall, SX4, even if it is not an out of the world driving experience, it is certainly not a bad experience.