Tata Motors looking for Midlands workers

The Indian car firm, Tata Motors, is seeking production staff and engineers, due to its expansion into electric cars in the Midlands. Tata Motors in Coventry will increase its workforce by nearly 200.

The car company’s European Technical Centre, TMETC, as well as a recently built electric car factory are Tata’s interests in Coventry. The Vista EV car, voted one of the nine lowest carbon emission cars, open to government grants, is built in Coventry. In an attempt to encourage reduction of carbon emissions, an allowance that reduces the price by 25 percent, puts £5,000 in the pockets of the purchaser.

TMETC, begun in 2005, belongs to Tata, focusing on engineering vehicle designs, as well as production development. Both the Ace EV and the Vista EV cars were attributable to TMETC’s work.

New skilled workers will join its team to work on the next generation low-carbon vehicles. The facility is run by 25 people now, manufacturing 25 cars to be entered for review in the Technology Strategy Board-sponsored CABLED programme.

Tata is awaiting significant expansion of the plant until electric car sales increase enough to justify it. The annual production potential of the plant tops out at 1,500. However, Tata has already released the Tata Indica Vista EV, which proves it is dedicated to sustainable vehicles. The TMECT participates in cooperative research into low-carbon design.

The production facility is an international effort. The drive trains are shipped from Canada, the batteries from Norway, and the standard kit from India. The entire car is assembled in Coventry.