The Tata Nano goes a tiny bit up-market

The Tata Nano is the cheapest car in the world and it is created inIndia. Unfortunately, the car has seen rather poor sales since its 2009 launch. Recently, the car has been given a makeover in the hope of boosting sales. It will soon be available with a more luxurious interior and will come in a wide range of colours. Under the bonnet it is expected that the car will be more fuel-efficient. The horse power of the car will also be increased from 35 to 38.

Tata motors, the company responsible for manufacturing the car is also manufacturing British cars such as Land Rover’s and Jaguars. The company has decided to make the modifications after seeking feedback from owners of the budget car. Despite the upgrades the price of the car will not change.

In December last year a report said the Nano sales dropped by nearly 90% compared with December of the previous year. The car was initially troubled by the fact that they had a tendency to catch fire, Tata offered to correct the problem but this is still damaged sales of the vehicle. The car retails for Rs.100,000 which is around £1400.