Top Tips for Finding Affordable Car Parts

We all rely on our cars, they are what keeps us independent and enables us to get to work and back each day. All cars need some love and attention from time to time; you can’t expect them to keep going forever without the right car parts and services.

There are ways to find affordable car parts for your vehicle, often going directly to the dealership will cost an arm and a leg, you want good quality parts but in these financial times, we can’t always afford the most expensive parts on the market.

Search Online

Thanks to technology most of us will immediately start searching online for the car parts we need, whether it’s engine parts or transmission parts that we are looking for.

Often you can find these parts online at a much lower price than you would find them at the shop, the important thing to ensure is that you are buying the right parts before parting with your hard earned cash. The advantage to shopping online for your car parts is that they are delivered directly to your door and often you can get away with just paying the workshop for the labour, it helps reduce your overall bill for the repairs.

Breaker Yards

If there are breakers yards in your area, you can go along and have a chat to them. These yards break up damaged vehicles and keep the working parts, even though the parts are second hand they are usually in good working condition.

Of course there is a disadvantage to buying your car parts from a breaker yard and that is that you need to drive there, check the part and pay for it. If your car isn’t running due to the part being damaged, you are still better off buying online and saving yourself a lot of time and energy.


If you have a specialist vehicle that needs parts and you are unable to find the car parts online, then you may want to join some online forums. This is where you will find your classic car owners who will be able to tell you if they know where you can buy the parts, often they know of someone who has their own breaker yard type business at home that may be able to assist you.

There are many ways you can find affordable car parts, it’s taking the time to research the part you need and then start online searches. You are guaranteed to find them online cheaper than in any shop that you walk into.