Toyota announce new features for their latest UK Yaris

This year sees the release of the new version of the Toyota Yaris in the UK and the Japanese manufacturer responsible for creating the car have also announced some of the new features that are going to be part of this new model. They’ve also made announcements about the price of the vehicle and its various available trims.

The car is going to have a great many customisable options and there are going to be four main trims that the car is offered in. The car is going to have three different engine choices ranging from one litre, to 1.4 litres, petrol and diesel. There are going to be different transmission options as well as the car will come with a five-speed manual or six speed manual option, but there will also be an automatic version of the car sold.

The body style is going to be very similar to the previous versions available for the Yaris and there are going to be both three and five door versions of the car released. The normal model is going to be called the TR, and it sits in the middle of the different versions of the car that are available. This model has alloy wheels, stability control, air conditioning, parking cameras and Bluetooth connectivity for mobile phones.

The car is known for being one of the smaller offerings by Toyota and for those who are looking for a small vehicle, then the new Yaris is going to be a pretty ideal choice. It is also incredibly fuel-efficient, largely due to its efficient engine, but also due to its incredibly lightweight design.

Despite remaining very fuel-efficient and small, the car has more room inside than the previous version. Nearly three inches has been added to the interior space of the car which really makes a noticeable difference when it comes to comfort and storage. There is competition from other manufacturers such as Hyundai, Nissan and Chevrolet.

The compact car class is definitely going to be shaken up a little by the release of this new Toyota. The number of options that come with the top of the range car is very impressive and for such a small vehicle it sure packs in a lot of great accessories.

The car comes with a rear windshield wiper, 16 inch alloy wheels, air conditioning, a tilting steering wheel, built-in computer, fully adjustable seats and a USB connectable radio, that can also play satellite radio. These are just a few of the options that come with the car and the others are equally likely to impress the potential buyer.

As for safety, the cars all come with anti-lock braking, and the stability control makes the car very easy to handle. There are head restraints, side airbags, and any airbag for the driver. All of these features make this modern car very comfortable and safe.

The Yaris was not a car that gained a particular amount of confidence in the market with its previous releases, however this version could be the one to change all of that. The interior is comfortable, modern, and indeed trendy, which makes it an all the more appealing vehicle for any potential buyer.

The luggage space and the car is also been upgraded which is going to appeal to people who are regularly lugging around a lot of shopping or other items. Despite this upgrade, the amount of luggage space is still smaller than other cars in the class which might be a problem for some buyers. Overall the car is easy to handle, fun to drive and inexpensive, so it is entirely possible this will be the success story that the Yaris has been looking for.