Trailers for your holiday

So your summer camping holiday has been planned for months, you have been looking forward to it through the long dreary winter months, finally the day of departure has arrived. As you begin to load your luggage and camping equipment into your car panic starts to rise as you realise the free space within the car is becoming limited and you still have so much more to fit in. Eventually after struggling to place the luggage into the limited space a compromise has to be made, everyone will have to be piled high with luggage for the journey. This already starts arguments among the kids as they each believe they are holding more than anyone else and by the time you reach your destination you are exhausted. You then vow to yourself that when you get home you are going to research camping trailers and buy one to avoid this problem next time.

We have all been there, myself included, you curse yourself for ever believing you would be able to fit all of your luggage and camping equipment into the car. I now have the perfect solution a Daxara’s Buddy 1 trailer it provides for all my camping needs. It is perfect as it is small and compact, making driving and manoeuvres easy but it is still able to carry everything I need it to and with its current introductory offer price it is a bargain not to be missed. It carries up to 245kgs which means I can also use it for transporting other items when needed which is great especially when trips to the tip are necessary. The removable cover is fantastic as it allows me to protect my belongings or allows me to transport higher loads which otherwise wouldn’t fit. This trailer is definitely my buddy.

Locks can also be brought to prevent theft and you can also use the trailer as storage whilst you are camping.

Trailers for holidays are becoming very popular due to the ease and convenience they provide. With their low prices and dual purpose any camper will be mad not to invest in one.