Turning off engine just for a couple of minutes leads to big fuel savings

Researchers have shown that drivers who turn their engine off when they stop for a minute or so could save a decent amount of money, as this habit leads to a reduction to fuel consumption, and is also environmentally friendly. It’s a rather small thing but it is proven to do a great deal of favour to the environmental state of the earth.

However, the results shown by those studies are contrary to what the drivers were used to. Every driver knows that the most important rule in preserving the car’s motor is to not turn off the engine once it is started unless your purpose is to stop for hours.

That custom that most drivers believe is now quashed with the latest addition to the VW’s Passat family, the AllTrack. It is known to be the muscle-car of the Passat family of cars. The engine on this muscle-car is quite unique as it automatically turns off each moment the driver decides to stop. On top of that, the moment the driver puts his foot of the brakes, the engine would readily start.

The higher height of the car, its four wheel drive technology and good looking arches, the AllTrack is a more rugged version of the all-time favourite VW Passat. The new face and build of this car did not, in any way, alter the fuel efficiency feature of all other VW favourites.

When driving on a smooth road, most of the power will be directed to the front wheels. In the event that the sensors detect a loss on the front wheel’s grip, it will immediately redirect the power to the rear wheels which makes the car quite a ride.

The great performance technology installed on this car is coupled with gadgets that assist drivers on blind-spots, in parking the car and in regulating the brightness of the headlights, which will surely get you off your seat. For a car that would cost around £28,475 and has a top speed of 123mph, this would turn out to be a great buy.