Vauxhall are banking on the success of their Ampera hybrid

The new car from Vauxhall the Ampera has been described by the company as a revolutionary vehicle and this is putting a great deal of pressure on the company for the vehicle to be a success.

This new car is a hybrid vehicle but it is quite a deal more sophisticated than Toyota’s offering, the Prius. Beneath the floor of the vehicle is a battery pack and there are two electric motors inside the vehicle. There is also a petrol engine inside which works with the electric engines to power the car.

If you choose to run the car in just electric mode, it is capable of getting a range of 50 miles after six hours of charging. When the batteries are depleted, the petrol engine can kick in in order to deliver the power when necessary. This means that the car is very suited for commuters who only drive 50 miles a day. When you use the vehicle in its purely electric mode, there are no emissions from it and no cost for petrol.

However the amount of mileage does mean that most people who purchased this car will need to use the petrol engine as well. Unlike some other hybrid vehicles on the market, the car is capable of functioning in purely petrol mode, which means that it has technically unlimited mileage. This should make the car appealing to some people who have been put off by previous hybrid vehicles.

The fuel economy figures for the car are not very impressive if you’re simply running it on the engine mode, but when you consider the fact that it is completely capable of running on batteries for 50 miles, mpg really doesn’t become much of an issue. The car is customisable and there are several ways it can be specified.