The Volvo V40 2013 is a real treat

The Volvo V40 2013 is the newest model in the Volvo V40 range, and this time around the four door hatchback clearly is working hard to challenge the luxury models on the market within its class such as the Mercedes A-class and the Audi A3.

At first glance the new Volvo certainly looks like it can pull off the luxury experience. With interior blending that is done in cool Nordic tones and is both slippery and functional the car is a treat to sit inside. The materials are also obviously high class and the entire package is impressive. However, the ergonomics are not that great and the multi-button centre stack is instantly cumbersome from the driver’s point of view.

Of course, more buttons mean more tech and there are plenty of fun little functions and features packed into the Volvo V40. For instance, there are a load of driver assistance systems making it easy to drive the car with your eyes shut (Not really, but it will feel like it!).

Included in the package is automatic parking, lane assist, rear-mounted radar sensors, fatigue sensor, emergency brake with pedestrian recognition, decelerate to stop cruise control, and even adjustable steering force device.

There are seven different models of the V40, four petrol engines and three diesel engines. Overall they all run with a happy thrum and a small oil burner but the petrol engines clearly run much better and are certainly perkier when it comes to response time.

Overall, regardless of which engine you go with the Volvo 40 offers a nice ride that is supple and compliant. The one thing that is wrong is the electric dimmers that are part of the traction control but this is something that you have to deal with if you go with any type of Volvo.