A look at the new VW Golf GTI Cabriolet

The latest car from Volkswagen is the Volkswagen Golf GTI Cabriolet. Despite having a fabric roof, this is a Volkswagen that is instantly recognisable as a GTI because it has the alloy wheels that are associated with this type of car.

Furthermore, it has the honeycomb grille on the front, as well as the twin exhausts on the back which give it the very distinct appearance of a GTI. You will also find that the inside of the car is very well put together, just like the GTI, and has full electric windows, air conditioning, and a retro-style that is very appealing.

The car is priced at around £30,000, and is slightly more expensive if you decide to go for the automatic version of the car. When you compare it to the price of the non-GTI Cabriolet car, you’re going to be paying around £8500 more – if you went for the lowest version of the Cabriolet.

There is no question that this is a high price for the car, although it is likely to maintain a lot of value, which is probably going to make people feel okay about paying the extra money upfront.

It is estimated that the golf GTI is only going to have around 5000 sales every year, and the Cabriolet version of the car is going to make up just 500 of those. This means that the car is operating in a small niche, and because of this it is likely to be valuable when sold on because of its limited availability.

Interestingly, a recent survey that has been completed in the UK looked at why people buy soft top cars. Interestingly, nearly 70 percent of users of soft top cars said that they rarely, or never, put the top down. The survey also showed that the primary reason why people buy a soft top car is because it has an exotic look, rather than the actual joys of putting the top down and feeling the wind in their hair.

Despite the general lack of interest in soft tops for their actual purpose, this Volkswagen has a very nice roof that looks very good when in place. Furthermore, the roof can be put up, or taken down, while the car is in motion, and all of this is completed automatically and less than 10 seconds.

The car comes with a two litre turbocharged engine which is capable of putting out over 200 brake horsepower. This, when used with a manual gearbox, can allow the car to reach a top speed of nearly 150 mph. The car is also capable of reaching 62 mph in just over seven seconds, which is going to make it feel very quick indeed. Furthermore, the very reasonable mpg rating of 37 is going to be appealing to users who want a quick car, but one that is not unnecessarily greedy.

The GTI badge on this Cabriolet is going to appeal to a small number of enthusiasts. That said, it is clear that this market does exist, and Volkswagen are probably going to sell their quota of these vehicles. It is an expensive car when you consider what else you can get for the money in the market, but this is not going to put off everyone from making the purchase.