VW Up and the Seat Mii

The Arosa was the last city car that Seat built and it was twinned with the VW Lupo. The manufacturers are now releasing another set of twin cars, the VW Up and the Seat Mii. In this article we are going to look at Seat model which is going to be released in the UK.

Buying the car is going to be a simple process as there is only a petrol option available. It has three cylinders and a one litre engine that can achieve 74 bhp. The engine is very lightweight weighing in at around 70 kg.

It is definitely a city car and the dimensions testify to this, it is very small but it is well designed so it feels as if there is plenty of space for people inside. The boot is also generous and offers over 250 litres of space – this is considerably more than what you would find in the equivalent car from Toyota or Peugeot.

One of the great things about handling the car is that you will feel that it has been made out of good quality materials and care has been put into the construction. The sound of the door closing and the finishing work inside the car is excellent.

Space wise, drivers will feel comfortable, and even those who are tall will find that there is plenty of space. Unfortunately, in the back the situation is less impressive and it seems more as if the car is designed for children rather than adults. Seat claim that there is nearly 95 cm of headroom but this is not particularly evident.

The space issue is something that is to be expected though, a city car is designed to be compact, and you can’t have a compact car with plenty of space. Another thing about Seat is that they have generally struggled to achieve an upmarket feel, however with this latest offering it seems they have taken a step in the right direction.

There is a multimedia display in the car which is sensitive to touch and is well-designed. Depending on how much you use the applications the interface changes which makes using it very easy. The software in the car can also be upgraded without having to buy a new vehicle which is something that car owners will be sure to welcome.

As for the driving experience, the car has a small engine and you can hear this as you drive along. Many people find that noise of its engine droning away rather cheerful, but others might find it irritating. One of the best things about the car is the quality of its drive and despite its small size drivers will find that it stays stable and comfortable.

Even when being driven over the deepest of potholes it manages to retain its composure. When driving this car you will feel as if you are behind the wheel of a much larger vehicle. Prices start at £7500 and the car is due to be released in the middle of next year.