Weather pounds car insurance companies

Due to the blizzards engulfing the UK, over 300 insurance claims have been filed as of noon today. With ice, snow, and winds unyielding, claims will pound the insurance companies, reports AA insurance. Over 20% are due to both ice and snow, as contrasted with the Friday of December remaining free of snow.

More than 50% of claims as a result of ice and snow were made in Scotland and just under 35% in Wales. The director of AA, Simon Douglas, reminds us, “when you are told not to drive due to road conditions, it is wise to follow that recommendation. You must listen to your local news station for current conditions.”

For the holiday travel, follow the forecast when making your route. Stay on the larger roads, since they are most likely to be sanded.

Rear-enders at roundabouts and crossings are the most frequent winter collision. Next most common is hitting a parked car. “Keep an adequate distance from the car in front of you to compensate for sliding on the ice while stopping.”

Winter tyres are quite common, this being the second winter with snow. However, many are concerned that it is a modification, nullifying insurance claims. However, as Douglas advises, “Winter tyres meeting the specs of your car maker and mounted by a professional should not affect a claim in the case of an accident.”