Website aims to reduce congestion through better journey planning is a website with the intention of reducing congestion across the country.

The website allows drivers to better plan their journey so that they can avoid areas that are particularly congested.

Not only does this make their journeys shorter, but it also means that they are going to help reduce congestion for other drivers, and avoid producing too many carbon emissions. There is currently no charge for visiting the website or using the service, and it becomes more comprehensive all the time is more cameras are added to the system.

In the run up to the Olympics, visits to the London cameras are building day by day and when the Games begin, tourists, hauliers and delivery drivers will be able to check the site to decide on the best route to take.

The project has been trialled extensively in London, helped enormously by the BBC and London Transport who gave unrestricted access to traffic cameras in order that the operational aspects of the system could be assessed and any enhancements made.

Tremendous costs are associated with traffic congestion; therefore any attempt to reduce the figure, even by small amounts, can help boost the economy both regionally and nationally. The aim is to have cameras covering the entire UK within the next six months.

Advantages to adding cameras to the network are:

The city, town, venue can be seen live at all times by potential visitors

visitors can plan the best route to avoid congestion

congestion/carbon emissions can be reduced

journey times for visitors are drastically reduced

petrol / fuel will be saved

road / traffic safety will be improved

The council, venue owner will be actively working towards a reduction of carbon emissions.

To submit cameras please visit the site and add the live camera URL. Once it has been verified as suitable for use and valuable to the driving community, it will be made live on the site, and will greatly help towards driving down congestion in the UK.

For more information please take a look at the site