Winter Driving Essentials

Car accessories company,, have put together some winter driving tips.  Nobody can predict if winter conditions are likely to be as bad as last year when stories of traffic gridlock and motorists being stranded were widespread.

The unpredictability of winter weather often results in misery on the roads for thousands of motorists.

Breakdown services across the UK report twice as many call-outs during a cold snap. And stories of traffic gridlocks and motorists left stranded miles from home are not uncommon.

The team at Proppa has drawn up a simple winter check list for drivers to follow before setting out on the roads this winter:-

Prepare your vehicle before venturing out:

• Check lights are clean and working properly
• Check the windscreen wipers work
• Make sure you have topped up the windscreen wash fluid
• Check anti-freeze
• Warm the engine for a few minutes before starting out
• Do not proceed until windows are demisted and you have full all-round visibility
• Carry a red warning triangle, first aid kit, spare tyre (properly inflated), and the tools to change it.
• Carry some extra warm clothing.
• If setting out on a long journey pack a flask of something hot and some high energy snacks.

Proppa suggest that Winter breakdown kits are perhaps one of the best investments for motorists as although they won’t prevent the vehicle from cutting out, they will at least help keep the motorist safe and warm until help arrives.