Young people not comfortable being driven by peers

A recent survey has suggested that many young people have concerns about their safety when they are travelling in a car with someone around their own age. Over half of the people involved in the survey said that they feel at risk when the driver speeds and nearly a quarter said they had been in a car where the driver has been intoxicated with alcohol or drugs. The survey was conducted by Brake and QBE Insurance.

The survey involved over 8000 people all between ages 15 and 25, the results have been published just as the start of Road Safety Week begins. Mike Penning is the Minister for Road safety and his claims that most young drivers are responsible. While the survey suggests that many young people are sometimes afraid in the car, over 40% said that they have never felt any concerns for their safety.

Rather shockingly, around one in five of the people surveyed said that they sometimes don’t wear a seatbelt when travelling. When the survey asked whether there should be further restrictions on young drivers, such as banning a certain type of vehicle, over 80% agreed that this sort of measure should be implemented.

On theUKroads a young person suffers an injury every hour and a half and someone dies on theUKroads, on average, every 18 hours. Young drivers, who are aged between 17 and 24 are responsible for a quarter of all serious injuries and deaths that take place onUKroads.

Julie Townsend, a representative from the Brake charity has said that there are too many young people dying on the roads unnecessarily, “it is awful news for a family to hear that someone has suddenly died in a driving accident, often there is horrific injury and this often makes the situation worse.”